ISO 27001

Macmarts utilizes enterprise-grade best practices to protect our customers’ data. We’re currently in the process of pursuing our ISO 27001 Certification. Macmarts has built a thorough ISMS that includes the following:

Continuous Security Control Monitoring

Macmarts uses Drata’s automation platform to continuously monitor 100+ internal security controls across the organization against the highest possible standards. Automated alerts and evidence collection allows Macmarts to confidently prove its security and compliance posture any day of the year, while fostering a security-first mindset and culture of compliance across the organization.

Employee Trainings

Security is a company-wide endeavor. All employees complete an annual security training program and employ best practices when handling customer data.

Secure Software Development

Macmarts utilizes a variety of manual and automatic data security and vulnerability checks throughout the software development lifecycle.

Data Encryption

Data is encrypted both in-transit using TLS and at rest.

Internal Audit Program

Internal Audits are conducted annually by personnel who are independent and competent, as defined by the ISO standard. 

Vulnerability Disclosure Program

If you believe you’ve discovered issues in Macmarts’ security, please get in touch at Our security team promptly investigates all reported issues.

Risk Management Program

Macmarts conducts a Risk Assessment annually that results in the creation of Risk Treatment Plans which lay the foundation for overall risk reduction and continuous improvement of the security program.