Integrated SaaS solutions

for manufacturing companies

The Macmarts cloud for manufacturing companies optimises & automates manual workflows and business processes. Our platform currently integrates spend management and project resource management solutions delivering cost savings and resource efficiencies to manufacturing companies.

Values & Behaviours


Open, transparent and honest communication with our people, customers, partners and suppliers. A strong ethos of doing the right thing even if it’s not the most profitable action


Having a clear vision and direction for the company where everyone feels they can step-up and lead their contribution to the business. All aligned to the vision, mission and strategic objectives


A commitment to equality at all levels in our company. Having a wide range of backgrounds and cultures on the team. An inclusive and fair approach to internal and external hiring


Everyone plays an important role in contributing to the company’s strategy, working hard to be successful and making efforts to ensure other team members are equally successful

Why Macmarts?


Macmarts can be customised
and configured to suit a company’s specific requirements


Real time reporting of company spending
with the capability of conducting detailed analysis.

Leading Edge

Spend management software built specifically for global manufacturing companies.


Since inception Macmarts has channelled €1 billion+ of spend under management


Macmarts is dynamic software with new innovative features & modules continually added


Designed to be used by anyone in the company, not just the procurement department

Saas Software

Best of breed SaaS software, quick to implement
and easy to use

Cost Savings

Driving a spend culture of prudence and accountability for a company and its vendors

Our Story So Far

Michael McNamara, Director and Founder of Macnovate, a specialist manufacturing solutions provider developed the Macmarts platform. Macmarts™ V 1.0 was subsequently released.
Macnovate secured a global fortune 500 healthcare company who commenced using Macmarts™ to expedite the purchase approval process and control their site’s spend in real time.
Macmarts™ has evolved with the addition of a number of new features. €500 million spend under management and delivered significant cost savings to its customers bottom line.
Macmarts becomes an Enterprise Ireland client and bolsters its leadership and development team to help scale the company.
Macmarts™ surpasses the milestone of €1 billion of spend under management through the platform. Macmarts™ V2 is built and successfully launched. Tony Frawley is appointed as CEO.
A new module to control project spend & manage engineering resources is successfully implemented. Macmarts moves into its 10,000 Sq ft HQ & grows its leadership team.