Procurement Lifecycle Solutions for Manufacturing Organisations

Macmarts procurement lifecycle solutions include a customisable system, process automation, supplier management, and real-time analytics. See why we’re trusted by global organisations with half a Billion in procurement spend through our system.

Streamline your procurement lifecycle with better spend management, workflow automation, and real-time visibility.

Macmarts is the only procurement lifecycle system to bring together all your project needs in one place. Stay one step ahead with a system that’s proven to help organisations streamline spend.


Macmarts Key Solutions

Discover how you can streamline spend management and become an analytics-driven organisation with insights to improve workflows and reduce costs.

Process Automation
Supplier Management
Multi-Access System
Real-Time Tracking
Data & Analytics


Tailor your procurement lifecycle management system to fit your organisation’s needs. Macmarts is built to help you execute projects in the most sustainable way.

  • Monitor projects in real-time to ensure your spend budget is being used efficiently

  • Improve accountability on projects with milestones, user responsibility, and notifications
  • Create contracts, purchase orders, offers, and down payments

Process Automation

Your procurement supply chain is complex. That’s why a cutting edge automation system maximises resource utilisation and workflow processes across every project, at every level.

  • Eliminate data-entry errors and increase time-efficiency by automating manual tasks

  • Receive push notifications to ensure projects are on-time and on-task.
  • Get projects moving faster with requisition templates for repeat projects, tasks, and workflows

Supplier Management

Finding the right suppliers can be difficult. Here’s how you can reduce risk while improving supplier relationships without jeopardising your procurement team’s performance.

  • Maintain strong compliance standards with automated updates on documentation expiry dates.

  • Centralise all communication and documentation for better visibility and accountability with suppliers.
  • Use key performance metrics to choose vendors and suppliers for your projects

  • 24/7, real-time accessibility and accountability from all suppliers

Multi-Access System

Track and control project workflow while on-the-go. Macmarts puts your procurement chain in the palm of your hand so you can coordinate projects and focus on growth.

  • Tailored, Role based system accessible on all devices by any user

  • Connect disconnected processes with a cutting edge automation system that helps your team achieve their goals

  • Centralise team communication while ensuring your proprietary data is protected should employees decide to go

Real-Time Tracking

See exactly how money is spent at your organisation. Know where your money is going and what is purchased for every project. Use real-time analytics to identify trends and streamline spend management.

  • Get spend data broken down in an easy-to-use dashboard
  • Gain real-time insights on who is spending and how to reduce costs

  • Receive notifications if your procurement chain has issues unresolved

  • Track deliveries to ensure projects requirements are achieved on time


Managing your documents with controlled access is simple. We’re focused on security and want your procurement team to be equipped to succeed.

  • Collect, store, and manage access to all project and organisational compliance documents

  • Receive alerts and notifications before project-sensitive documents expire

  • Backed by AWS Cloud Security to give you total peace of mind

Data & Analytics

Become an analytics-driven organisation. Empower your procurement team with the tools to analyse spend patterns and identify better opportunities for savings.

  • Integrate relevant business intelligence across all departments and teams

  • Leverage your data to enhance spend management, project performance, and workflow efficiency

  • Massively improve visibility and take control by evolving a digital culture that visualises all workflow activities

  • Discover the real value that exists in your procurement lifecycle

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Book an online or on-premise demo with an expert or free trial.

Book an online or on-premise demo with an expert or free trial.
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