Project Resource Management

Replace spreadsheets to reduce the time spent planning, managing and reporting on project resource utilisation by 80%

Macmarts Software

Macmarts is built specifically for companies in the life science, manufacturing and engineering industries to optimise manual business processes delivering operational efficiencies and cost savings

Key Features

Replace spreadsheets with one solution for project resource planning, time administration, forecasting and real time reporting.

Projects Dashboard

Projects Dashboard

  • See the total number of projects in play.
  • View health status of all projects with a breakdown down of the % at risk, off track and on track. 
  • See top 5 active projects by hour count.
  • See status of all projects by active, pending, cancelled and withdrawn.
  • View bar chart of projects broken out by stage gate.
  • View project count per business unit.
  • View pie chart of projects by business unit defining number of hours year to date.
  • Projects by goal statement – Goals can be assigned to projects (e.g. Cost Savings, Innovation, etc)
  • See list of all projects showing value, budget, timeline, health and a link to access all Project data.
Projects Dashboard
Project Tracker

Project Tracker

  • See at a glance key project information – budget, hours, business unit and status 
  • View what purchase requisitions are ongoing, on track, delayed and completed.
  • Overview of project location and health showing days remaining, current stage gate, start & end date. 
  • Complete 360 responsive communication system tracking & driving deliverables, responsibility, tasks, milestones, documents, requests, and answers. Reminders, nudges, and escalation of non-responsive or out of sync activities.
Project Tracker
Project Pipeline

Project Pipeline

  • View project name, description, business unit, start date, end date, project type (planned / temporary), project sponsor(s), project stakeholder(s).
  • See project number, project name, start date, end date, business unit , category, status, stage gate, budget, value and project leader. 
  • View the project status log showing activity by most recent, completed by and the date of the activity.
  • View / Edit projects (Access is role dependent) and links directly to the project form.
Project Pipeline
Project Scope

Project Scope

  • Project value – view / assign a total cost, estimated hours, weekly spend percentage and project expected value to a project.
  • Project goals – assign / view / tag projects with defined goals (eg cost savings, innovation, etc.).
  • Problem statement – add a statement that defines the problem addressed by the project.
  • Objectives – add objectives to a project from a predefined selection.
  • Business case – add / view business case for a project.
  • Project team collaboration – view / add / edit project team members. This is designed to identify persons requiring notification on a project when items are required to be authorised, updated, edited, managed, e.g. project leader, project owner , time admin, etc.
  • Project change log – view the project status log showing activity by most recent, completed by and the date of the activity.
  • Project stage gates – add / view / edit project stage gates. 
  • Approvals – view / assign a list of accredited project approvals. 
  • Add relevant project documents to manage stage gate sign off.
Project Scope
Project Analysis

Project Analysis

  • View forecasted resource planned hour count.
  • View forecasted project planned hours. 
  • View actual resources v’s planned projects, 
  • View hourly statistics and category hours.
Project Analysis
Resource Management

Resource Management

  • Allow authorised users such as team leads and managers to view, add and edit resources across all active projects.
  • Users can see all their assigned projects with the allocated time they have towards each active project, with remaining time and time spent also shown.
  • Ability to select resources to work on a project based on their current loading on other projects.
  • Ability to select a resource by name, job title or skill(s) to work on a specific project and assign.
  • Ability to unassign a resource from a project.
  • Ability to increase and decrease the time allocation for a resource on a project.
Resource Management
Time Management

Time Management

  • Users can add time to allocated projects for forecast (any time up to 6 weeks in the future) and the current / previous weeks (where time has not yet been entered).
  • Resources can have allocated hours, or zero allocation. When zero allocation, the resource is required to add a reason time is entered.
  • Adding time in the future is required to allow resources to plan their workload against allocated projects and used for a 6 week plan.
  • Track your resources time entered  / missing using the resource missing hours dashboard to filter by resource, projects from and to date ranges.
  • Use the 6 Week Resource View to see actual and projected time (added by resources) and gauge where resources are under, over and fully utilised.
Time Management

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