Macmarts Certified and Accredited Global Supplier Network

Global Supplier Network is enabling the discovery of quality suppliers who have achieved excellence and those who meet the highest standards of certification and accreditation while offering you premium value across the globe.

Continuous Review

Macmarts continuously reviews suppliers by measuring, auditing and analysing every touch point including quality, documentation, delivery schedule, cost and customer product issues.

  • Keep track of suppliers accreditations, distribution certifications, NDA’s and contracts

  • Macmarts works with your suppliers to ensure they grow in unison with your organisation’s quality standards

  • Fully complies with your organisation’s corporate social and environmental responsibilities.

Agile Sourcing

Access our global supplier network with direct insights and statistics on supplier’s core strengths and compliance on quality, delivery, accreditation, price and corporate governance.

  • Build agility into your network and access global regional advantages

  • Shorten procurement lifecycles and improve your sourcing contracts

  • Customer defined checklists built off our tried and tested templates to ensure trade compliance

  • Guaranteed supply chain security based on risk analysis

Deal Review

Our Supply analysts can review your existing deal and offer alternative supply/peer pricing based on your project criteria and data customization.

  • Introduces the Macmarts global supplier network alongside your existing suppliers

  • Proven to yield savings of 30-40% on average

Deal Saving

We can look for ways to drive major savings from our suppliers directly with no compromise to quality or compliance using our existing indirect global supply network.

  • Innovate, develop and drive process excellence and repeatability into your requirement

  • Passing on direct supplier savings

  • Levelling your supplier field

  • Ensuring you access a truly global competitive advantage

Strategic Partnership with Experts in Supplier Sourcing

With Macmarts GSN we are the account managers handling all communications and negotiations though our Macmarts system and supplier portal.

  • Rigorous research methodologies for technical evaluation, RFP and contracts negotiation

  • Direct service that takes the pain away from supplier and indirect product sourcing

Audit Review

Macmarts can analyse audited information across your key suppliers. The chances are, your suppliers are already part of our Global Network.

  • If they are, we can help provide background and accreditation that offers peace of mind

  • If they aren’t, we can audit them as part of your Supplier Network


See what our clients have to say about our Accredited Global Supplier Network

“The cost and efficiency gains made throughout the project due to the extensive experience across industries is a major aid in meeting budget and deadline commitments.”

Robert Daly, Snr. NP Process Engineer,

“We are very happy with the services provided to us including quality, delivery and cost.”

Mike Briggs, Head of Supply Chain,
ARTeSYN BioSolutions

“Excellent product offering, great people, consistent and trustworthy always.”

Mark McConnell, Director of Automation Centre of Excellence,
Johnson & Johnson

“The project wouldn’t have proceeded as far without them as our supplier.”

Corné Muilwijk, Postgraduate student,
University of Limerick,
Bernal Institute

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Book an online or on-premise demo with an expert or free trial.
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